Woodley Hall Hire

Hall for Hire in Woodley, Berkshire

Terms of Hire

There are terms and conditions that hirers must agree to. Below is an outline of these terms.

Period of Hire
The period of hire is as set out by agreement. It will only be changed upon agreement with the Emmanuel Hall Administrator or other nominated responsible person.

Access to Building
A set of keys to gain access to the building will be provided and signed for upon the commencement of the hiring. These keys are the sole responsibility of the person representing the organization hiring the facilities. Additional sets of keys are must not be cut under any circumstances. Loss of the keys or failure to return them upon completion of the agreed period of hire may be chargeable, together with any necessary additional costs for any subsequent changing of the locks and provision of new keys.

Any part of the facilities not specifically being hired shall not be used without permission.

Security of the Building
The security of the building lies with those who are hiring it and particular care must be taken to ensure that the premises are secured when each hiring period is complete. All others using the facilities and who have the right of access are provided with their own keys and under no circumstances should the premises be left unsecured on behalf of a third party.

Condition of the Building
The premises are regularly cleaned and maintained. As a condition of hire, users are asked to leave the area they have used clean and tidy, as they themselves would like to find it. Any issues regarding the cleanliness or operation of the equipment should be drawn to the attention of the Administrator at the earliest opportunity.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy
The Centre is not licensed for the consumption of alcohol.

Smoking is not permitted within the Centre.

Fire Alarms & Emergency Escapes
All necessary provisions are made and users should make themselves and those for whom they are responsible aware of the location and operation of them.

Termination of Hire Agreement
We reserve the right to terminate any agreement should the manner of usage not be in accordance with reasonable and acceptable practices. Other than the aforementioned when termination could be immediate, this agreement can be terminated by either party by giving four weeks notice of intent. The intent should be in writing and confirmed by both parties.

Hire Charges
From time to time it may be necessary to change the hire rates and reasonable notice will be given in that event.

It is the Hirers responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for the appropriate Public Liability Insurance.

Health & Safety
It is the Hirers responsibility to meet all current Health & Safety Regulations during the period of hire.

All accidents shall be reported to the Administrator and a record made in the Accident Book located in the Kitchen Area